Zadar: The Home of Croatia’s Best Sunset?

Zadar: The Home of Croatia’s Best Sunset?

Before visiting Croatia I hadn’t heard or read a whole lot about Zadar. But after a quick bit of internet browsing and the discovery of the existence of a sea organ in Zadar (what??), the city had spiked my curiosity enough for me to add it to my road trip itinerary – probably my favourite road trip ever, fyi.

Zadar is the fifth largest city in Croatia and is located on the coast overlooking the Adriatic Sea which of course means that it has excellent sunsets. It’s a really beautiful city and was a perfect mid-road trip destination as it had a very chilled out vibe in comparison to Dubrovnik and Split where I had just come from. I spent my time in Zadar chilling out in roof top bars, wandering along the sea, admiring the architecture and enjoying the relaxing pace of travel that we found here.

Oh, and enjoying a glass of spritz or two in the sunshine of course!



But perhaps my favourite bit about Zadar, and the whole reason for this post, were the sunsets. And these sunsets were pretty special because they were accompanied by the relaxing yet haunting sounds of the Sea Organ.

The Zadar Sea Organ is a really clever bit of engineering that allows the ocean and the waves to make music through a series of tubes.   Yup. Pretty cool, right? The Sea Organ is considered an experimental musical instrument and is a real tourist hotspot for those visiting Croatia. So of course I had to check it out! It’s located under the steps leading down to the water just on the other side of the Old Town.

Unfortunately the only video that I managed to capture of the sea organ was drowned out by the large number of tourists present (the joys of travelling in the high season) but if you fancy checking out some videos then definitely take a look at youtube.



But whilst the Sea Organ may have been what initially encouraged me to spend a few nights in Zadar, it was the sunsets that really stole my heart.





Sure they were crowded with people but when a sunset is as magical as this, can you really blame them?

I would absolutely love to visit Zadar again one day to experience more of it’s chilled out vibes. It’s a great location for a few days so would also make a pretty perfect European weekend break.

Keep an eye out for more posts on Zadar and Croatia soon!


Have you seen any great sunsets on your travels? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to check out some more spectacular ones like this.


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