Walking Whitianga, New Zealand

Walking Whitianga, New Zealand

Whitianga was the first stop for my New Zealand trip and what a good choice it was. After an annoying delay actually getting to New Zealand (we got delayed 24 hours due to Jetstar’s computers crashing) we finally arrived outside our hostel, On the Beach Backpackers. It looked just about perfect after two longs days of travelling and its brightly coloured exterior made it look like a great place to stay. But knowing we only had two short days to explore Whitianga, we wasted no time at all and were soon off for an afternoon hike.

On the recommendation of our brilliant hostel owner, we caught the small ferry to the other side of Whitianga to start our walk, beginning with a hike to the top of Whitianga Rock which had beautiful views.




After clambering back down the way we came, we found another track to follow called the Back Bay Walk. This was another beautiful walk and gave us some more great views of Whitianga.



Throughout both of these walks we did not encounter a single other person. It was just so peaceful. Such a great way to get away from civilisation for an afternoon.

However, we weren’t ‘all hiked out’ yet, so we continued on to the Shakespeare Cliff walk. On our way we passed through Cook’s beach before once again climbing up to see some more awesome views, this time of secluded beaches.



Upon reaching the top of the cliff we were greeted with the most beautiful picnic spot. It was definitely a shame that we had stuffed our faces with chips before the walk as I would have loved to have a sandwich or two here! Instead I had to settle for some more walking.




Next up we decided to walk down to the secluded beach that you can see in the photo above. This was Lonely Bay and it really did live up to it’s name. We were the only ones there! It was pretty cool and such a nice beach. I can imagine that it wouldn’t be so lonely in the summer.



After a short climb back up to the top of the cliff and then back down the other side, we walked home past a pretty little river before catching the ferry back to where we were staying.



I had a great time on these walks and would definitely do them again if I was ever in Whitianga. The views were awesome and it was such a great way to spend an afternoon. I’d especially like to return to Lonely Bay but perhaps on a sunnier day! Who knows, maybe I’ll be the only person there again. How perfect would that be?


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Disclaimer: This post was written way back in June 2013 when I was still on my year abroad in Australia. I recently rediscovered my old blog and wanted to keep some of the more memorable posts so I will be replicating them on this blog – because good memories are fab. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed finding them again!



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