Swimming in Waterfalls at Krka National Park, Croatia

Swimming in Waterfalls at Krka National Park, Croatia

This place is incredible. Like seriously incredible.

When JS and I first booked our trip to Croatia I spent quite a while reading about the country and researching various things that we could do. And then one day I came across a photo very similar to this one… People swimming IN a waterfall. And I knew right then that we had to go.



Getting to Krka National Park

We decided to drive from Split and chose the Lozovac entrance as our gateway to these amazing waterfalls. The drive itself was quite simple (thanks to a handy satnav!) and took us just over an hour. From here you can park your car and then take the shuttle bus at no extra cost along these amazingly high cliff edges down into the park.

Although you can get to the park in alternative ways, I would recommend renting a car for the day if you can as this means that you can arrive earlier than all of the tour buses that run package deals from Split. Also, if you can get a group of you together then it’s usually cheaper too!


Once you get off the bus there is a boardwalk that goes in a loop around the park which will take you past all the major sights and you can choose which way round you walk. If you go one way, you see the most famous falls, Skradinski Buk, at the start of your walk. If you go the other way, you walk through the woods a little first and then end up at these falls towards the end of your walk.

I’d definitely recommend the starting with the woods and ending with the falls – save the best for last!

As you walk through you are walking over so many pretty little rivers, mini waterfalls and fish that this walk on its own is enjoyable enough. And even though it was peak tourist season (July) and mid morning, there were times on the boardwalk that we had a section entirely to ourselves – amazing.




But then all of sudden you get a glimpse of what you really came for.

People swimming! And on a hot and sunny day in July, there really is no better site than a big pool of crystal clear blue water just waiting for you to splash into. But first, we had a little bit more walking to do to get down to this level before we could witness the amazing Skradinski Buk Falls in all their glory…



Ta-da! Glorious, isn’t it?

Even without the prospect of swimming in this water, these waterfalls are pretty spectacular and like no other falls I have seen before. Not going to lie, I was a little mesmerised by the whole scene for quite a while before I even considered getting in the water.

But then we got in and it was amazing – and not just because we were really hot and sweaty from our walk. Just the fact that we were swimming IN a waterfall – so glad that I invested in a waterproof camera for places like this…


  Considering the water wasn’t actually that warm, we stayed in the water for quite a long time. JS will tell you that this is because I made him take about a million selfies of us to get a perfect shot, or wait ten minutes for a small child to get out of the frame of our photo before we could take it after finding the perfect spot. But don’t believe him! I like to think that it’s because we were trying to capture this moment forever ;)

Just a heads up – although this park is popular with tourists swimming, it is still a national park so there are not loads of lockers down by the water to keep your valuables safe. When I went I was able to hide my DSLR at the bottom of my bag under a towel in a small hole under a tree and it was fine but if you’re worried about having any valuables stolen then it’s probably best to leave them at your accommodation. Gopros or waterproof cameras will be your friend at this destination.



Nearby the falls there are lots of stalls aimed at visitors to the park, from postcard and souvenir shops to ice cream and sandwich shops to your essential toilet and shower blocks. These make it super simple to turn this walk into a full day trip but as we were on route to our next road trip destination, we just stopped for an ice cream before heading off on the remainder of the walk.

So we crossed that long bridge across the water and made our way up a huge number of stairs to exit the park, passing past many more beautiful levels of waterfalls along the way. If you can, try to make sure you avoid doing this part of the walk during the hotter parts of the day because it is STEEP and you will get hot and sweaty. Or maybe we are just really unfit, who knows? We did manage to refill our water bottle on the way up from a cute little fountain though, bonus.


krka national park


Overall I thought that was an excellent day trip to take from Split and even without the bonus of swimming in the falls, the falls themselves are still stunning enough that a trip to Krka National Park will always be worth it.


So what do you think? Do you fancy swimming in the falls at Krka National Park?
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