A Sunset Camel Ride in Alice Springs, Australia

A Sunset Camel Ride in Alice Springs, Australia


What better way is there to experience outback Australia than to ride a camel through a desert at sunset?

That’s what I thought too!

So whilst visiting Alice Springs in Central Australia, I hopped on a camel’s back with my friends and away we went.



The camel ride took place in the MacDonnell Ranges which are a series of parallel mountain ranges that run East and West of Alice Springs. It looked stunning in the evening light.




I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this tour having never ridden a camel before but I’m definitely glad I decided to go for it. The camels were surprisingly comfy!  But a little bit terrifying when they stood up and sat down again.

I rode on a camel called Bitsy.

It was very peaceful plodding through the desert in the evening warmth. The tour guide also stopped to take all of our photos individually which I thought was a nice touch.



But then it was time for what we had all been waiting for, the sunset!

Although it was a bit hard to get a decent photograph from a wobbly camel, I did try my best and I don’t think I did too badly.

However, I will leave you to judge my photo taking abilities in private…





Overall, I thought that this was a great experience and a great introduction to Central Australia for a newbie like me!

So… have you ever watched a sunset from a camel’s back?


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Disclaimer: This post was written way back in March 2013 when I was still on my year abroad in Australia. I recently rediscovered my old blog from this time and wanted to keep some of the more memorable posts so I will be replicating them on this blog – because good memories are fab. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed finding them again!

This tour was (and still is!) offered by Pyndan Camel Tracks, a company based just outside of Alice Springs. Complimentary pick up and drop off at accommodation was included in the price of the tour.


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