Experiencing New Zealand’s World Class Spa

Experiencing New Zealand’s World Class Spa

Whilst researching a few things to do whilst staying in Rotorua on my New Zealand trip, I stumbled across the Polynesian Spa by chance but after browsing the website for a while, I immediately added it to my to-do list. It sounded absolutely amazing. It has also been titled as one of the World’s Top 10 Spas, even better.

So I decided that I wanted to spend an afternoon there upon arriving in Rotorua. After all, you’re supposed to check out the geothermal spots whilst in Rotorua, aren’t you?



It cost me $25 (2012 prices) to get into the spa and this was for entrance into the Adult Pools and the Priest Spa. It does seem a bit overpriced considering you are just sitting in a bunch of hot pools but trust me, the experience is worth the money. You can pay a bit more for a private pool or the Lake Spa or even have a few spa therapies if you wanted. But I was on a student budget so I went for the cheapest option that would still give me the best experience.

There are seven different adult pools to sample, each ranging from temperatures 38-42 degrees Celsius, some more comfortable to sit in that others when the sun is out! What I liked about the pools is that they are actual fed from natural hot springs so not just some heated up water. This made the experience even cooler. Not like the gym’s jacuzzi that I’m used to…




All of the pools were just such nice places to relax that I spent hours there. Well, until all the tours arrived at about 4.30pm that is. It was a bit hard to relax with excited tour groups running about all over the place.

The location of the spa is pretty cool though and although I did not pay to go into the Lake Spa, I still got pretty good views of the geothermal lake that the spa is next to anyway.



So if you are travelling New Zealand and fancy an afternoon off, I would definitely recommend the Polynesian Spa in Rotorua. It was just such a perfect way to unwind. But make sure you stay a good few hours to make the most of your money!




For more information about what the Polynesian Spa has on offer, check out their website. As always, all views are my own.

Disclaimer: This post was written way back in March 2013 when I was still on my year abroad in Australia. I recently rediscovered my old blog and wanted to keep some of the more memorable posts so I will be replicating them on this blog – because good memories are fab. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed finding them again!

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