My Australian Wishlist: An Australian Bucketlist

My Australian Wishlist: An Australian Bucketlist

I originally wrote this list before I moved to Adelaide in South Australia for my year abroad way back in July 2012. I wanted to use it as inspiration to get out and see Australia alongside my studies and as a lover of lists I had a great time slowly ticking things off over time.

After recently discovering this list on my old blog, I was amazed to read that within eight months of being in Australia, I had managed to achieve 52 out of 78 things on my list. I remember being impressed with myself at the time and I’m impressed again now!


Have you done any of these things on your travels in Australia?


1. Settle into my new accommodation.

2. Figure out my way around campus.

3. Get used to the Australian University system.

4. Figure out my way around the city.

5. Meet a kangaroo and have a photo taken.



6. Meet a koala and have a photo taken.

7. Have a surf lesson. And be terrible at it.

8. Go for a run along the beach.

9. Visit Kangaroo Island and see lots of penguins!

10. See lots of penguins in general. I love penguins.

11. Swim with dolphins – I didn’t quite achieve this one but I did attempt it! Unfortunately the water was too choppy from a recent storm for good conditions.

12. Celebrate my 21st birthday in a memorable way.

13. Watch the New Years Eve fireworks in Sydney.

14. Watch a sunset from the beach.



15. Watch a sunrise from the beach.

16. Have Christmas day on the beach – I did plan for this one but it rained all day…

17. Visit Adelaide’s Botanical gardens.

18. Go for a bike ride in a beautiful location.

19. Visit Port Adelaide.

20. Learn about aboriginal heritage in Australia.

21. Visit the South Australian museum.

22. Visit the Adelaide Hills. See Hahndorf, Australia’s oldest surviving German Village.

23. Visit the Barossa Valley, Australia’s best known wine growing region.



24. Buy lots of good food from Adelaide Central Market.

25. Go sandboarding. Try not to fall off!

26. Explore the Flinders Ranges.

27. Visit the Blue Mountains in Sydney. Ride the world’s steepest railway.

28. Take part in a Bike Cycle Tour in Sydney.

29. See the Sydney Opera House.

30. Snorkle on the Great Barrier Reef.

31. Visit Phillip Island – over 32,000 little penguins live here!

32. Drive along the Great Ocean Road. Take beautiful photos.



33. Visit the National Gallery of Australia. See some art.

34. Volunteer.

35. Have a typical Aussie BBQ with new friends.

36. Go whale watching – I didn’t plan for this one but managed to see some Humpback Whales whilst on a snorkling tour of the Great Barrier Reef!

37. Go on an Australian Safari.

38. Visit Christmas Island. See the march of the Red Crabs.

39. Visit Tasmania and see Port Arthur. Learn about the convict settlers in Australia.

40. Explore Sydney Harbour.

41. Go and see the rainforests in Queensland.

42. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

43. Go see Uluru (Ayres Rock). Take awesome photos.



44. Try a ‘pie floater’ in Adelaide. (It’s an Australian dish which is apparently very popular! Not sure a meat pie floating in pea soup with ketchup on top sounds massively appealing but I’ll give it a go!)

45. Celebrate Australia Day.

46. Join a society.

47. Watch an AFL match.

48. Visit the Cleland Wildlife Park in Adelaide – see some koalas and kangaroos?

49. Visit the Mount Lofty summit.

50. Explore Glenelg Beach.

51. Visit Brighton Beach.

52. Visit Bondi Beach.

53. Try some local food – kangaroo??

54. Visit Fraser Island.



55. Visit Magnetic Island.

56. Visit Australia Zoo.

57. Explore Alice Springs.

58. Travel the East Coast from Melbourne to Cairns.

59. Go on a camel ride at sunset.

60. Visit the West Macdonnell Ranges.

61. Swim in a natural water hole.

62. Try something that scares me.

63. Sail and explore the Whitsunday islands.



64. Kayak with dolphins.

65. Visit Western Australia.

66. Explore Adelaide’s Migration Museum.

67. Ride in a hot air balloon.

68. Ride in a helicopter.

69. Go white water rafting.

70. Go caving.

71. Visit the Grampians.



72. Try stand up paddle boarding.

73. Visit the Daintree Rainforest.

74. Cuddle a koala.

75. Hold a crocodile.

76. Skydive?!

77. Visit Canberra to check out Australia’s capital.

78. Go to Darwin.

79. See a wild wombat.


In case you hadn’t noticed, more than 52 of these have now been checked off. That’s because by the time I moved back to England, I had achieved 58 out of 79. 

Okay, so not loads more in those last five months but I don’t think that’s too bad considering I was also studying for the third year of my degree. I would love to make it back to Australia one day though to try and tick the last few things off of this list!

Let me know if you’ve experienced any of these things whilst you were in Australia! What was your favourite? Do you write wishlists for your travels too?



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