A Ninebot Adventure in Zagreb, Croatia

A Ninebot Adventure in Zagreb, Croatia

Looking for something quirky to do in Croatia’s capital? Or do you just have a limited time to visit all of the top sites? Then why not try out a Ninebot tour of this beautiful city?



A Ninebot… huh? Don’t worry, we’d never heard of them before either until something rather tall, white and plasticky zoomed past us in Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb in Croatia. (Essentially they are pretty much like segways, but lighter and less chunky). And of course, a Ninebot zooming around the city center handing out leaflets caught JS’s immediate attention and we soon found ourselves searching for the entrance to this Ninebot company who were offering tours of the city.
Firstly, let me just say that the location of their tour desk is so spot on for a tourist in this city. It’s located at Zagreb 360° or the Zagreb Eye Observation Deck which is at the top of a massive building on the edge of Ban Jelačić Square. It’s one of Zagreb’s most visited tourist attractions (according to their website) and it has views like this…


zagreb 360 view
zagreb 360 view
I know, right??

When we were there, we didn’t have to pay to get these incredible views as we were paying for a Ninebot tour which included the entrance in the price. If you don’t fancy the tour and are just there for the views then why not grab a coffee or a glass of wine from the bar and chill on the outside seating areas instead? There’s also free wifi and areas to charge your electrical things, which is definitely a handy thing to have!

The views are pretty good at night too…

And then the tour!

We were fortunate enough to be the only two people who booked on the tour so ended up with a pretty personalised experience of Zagreb by Ninebot. I can’t remember his name at all (oops) but I’m pretty sure the guy who gave us the tour was one of the owners of the Ninebots and he was fantastic. Full of so much knowledge about his city and definitely knew the best spots to take us. We saw some great parts of the city and someone else from the Ninebot team even popped up at various points across the city to take our photos! When we arrived back at the tour desk, we were each given copies of the photos taken on the tour at no extra cost – amazing.



The Ninebots were actually surprisingly easy to use but if you are a bit nervous, they do have helmets that you can borrow and they let you have a test run inside the building first too. The scariest bit for me was going downhill on them (I dislike downhills quite a lot!) but the Ninebot actually controls your speed on downhill slopes for you so there’s not a lot to worry about. Shoes-wise I would probably recommend wearing trainers like Josh was smart enough to do as whilst I was able to use the Ninebot in my sandals, my feet weren’t too happy by the end of it!

Overall I would definitely recommend a tour like this if you are hoping to see a lot of the city in a short space of time. Scooting round on two wheels was not only quick and convenient for us but we also learnt a lot and had a great time.

But hey, even if you don’t make it onto a Ninebot, definitely make sure you check out those views… Gorgeous!
So… would you go on a Ninebot tour?


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We did this tour with Ninebot Hrvatska who were located at Zagreb 360° on the 16th floor of the Zagreb High-Rise at Ilica 1a. This building is located on Ban Jelačić Square and you can’t miss it – it’s the tall boxy shaped building!


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