2018 Aspirations: Personal & Travel

2018 Aspirations: Personal & Travel

In 2017 I didn’t really set myself too many goals or aspirations as I knew that I was going to be in and out of the country for a good 8 months of the year. Despite this I managed to achieve a lot of things that I’d never even considered attempting to achieve before and had a lot of fun in the process. From volunteering with dogs in Thailand to trekking a mountain for sunrise to quitting my job and travelling full time for a while, 2017 held a lot of unplanned achievements for me.

But at heart I’m a bit of a list lover so I’m bringing back the aspirations for 2018 to give me something to aim for and hopefully achieve. This year I am hoping to focus on some personal goals as well as travel goals to get some routine back in my life. There’s a few things I’ve been meaning to do properly for a while now so maybe this is the year!

2018 will also be a bit different to 2017 as I am finally moving to Canada. So most of my travel goals this year are centered around Ottawa where I will be living rather than destinations further afield. Having been to Canada 5 times already, I know it is an incredibly beautiful country so I’m really looking forward to exploring everything that Canada has to offer.

Also, I appreciate that I am writing this one month into January already. But one: where has the time gone?? And two: it’s taken me just about this long to settle back into the non-travel life, albeit in a very unemployed way. #sorrynotsorry

So without further ado, here are my 2018 Aspirations.


2018 Aspirations: Personal & Travel Goals | Ranga Adventures


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2018 Aspirations: Personal


ONE // Read with more variety

Last year I wanted to read more books and succeeded by reading 57 compared to 15 books in 2016. This year I want to expand on that challenge but reading a wider range of books. So my challenge for this year is to read at least three classics and at least three non-fiction books. I’d also like to read at least 3 books written by authors who are not from the UK or the USA.

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TWO // Train to be able to run 10km comfortably

So sometimes I can run 10km easily and other times I really really can’t. But I’d like to! I’m going to try and partner this one up with joining a running club once I get to Canada.


THREE // Go veggie 90% of the time

After spending three months in Asia totally meat-free and rarely eating meat when I was in the UK anyway, I’ve decided to take the plunge and go veggie. I’m aiming to be veggie for 90% of the year to allow for a few slip ups if I make them, but having already had a veggie Dominoes, a veggie chinese takeaway AND a veggie Nando’s, I feel like I can do it 100% of the time. Only time will tell…


FOUR // Take up at least three new habits that help save the environment

Seeing first hand the problems that plastic causes around the world has made me really passionate about doing more to save the environment this year. I’ve been using reusable bags and water bottles for years but I know that there is even more that I can do. I hope to make at least three positive changes to my lifestyle that will reduce waste.


FIVE // Volunteer with dogs again

After spending 4 weeks volunteering with dogs in Thailand at the end of 2017, animal welfare is another thing that I have become really passionate about. There are so many animals out there that need our help so I plan to dedicate some more of my spare time by helping out however I am able to.


SIX // Publish one new post a week on the blog

I suck at posting on this blog regularly and I know it. And I’ve actually already failed this one this year (whoops) so maybe I should make it publish an average of one new post a week instead? If I can write 52 posts in 2018 , I will be seriously impressed with myself. Challenge accepted!


2018 Aspirations: Personal & Travel Goals | Ranga Adventures


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2018 Aspirations: Travel


ONE // Go camping or glamping

Either one of these would be fantastic as I haven’t been camping in YEARS and I miss it. Anywhere with trees and a bonfire and a starry night sky with some hot chocolate would be the dream.


TWO // Visit three new Canadian national parks

Because Canada is beautiful and I definitely want to see more of it. I don’t mind which parks I visit but I can’t wait to get outside and explore more of the great Canadian outdoors this year.


THREE // Take a weekend break outside of Ottawa

Destinations I have in mind include Montreal, Quebec City, Thousand Islands, Toronto, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Prince Edward County. Hopefully I can squeeze a couple of these in this year!


FOUR // Go on a trip outside of Ontario

For this one I am  going to exclude Quebec, but only because I have been there before and I would love to explore a new Canadian province. I’m thinking maybe Nova Scotia or Newfoundland and Labrador?


FIVE // See the Northern Lights

Because I’ve wanted to see the Northern Lights for AGES and only recently learnt that you can do this in Canada. I would love love love to tick this one off this year!


SIX // Go whale watching

I feel that this one is pretty self-explanatory. I would like to go whale watching in Canada because whales are beautiful, majestic creatures and I think it would be an amazing experiences to see some in the wild.


2018 Aspirations: Personal & Travel Goals | Ranga Adventures


And there you have it – my 2018 aspirations.

What are your dreams, goals or aspirations for this year?

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What are your 2018 aspirations?

I’d love to hear them! Leave them in the comments below :)

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2018 Aspirations: Personal & Travel Goals | Ranga Adventures


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